The Olam series


Re- Foods is a food and beverage startup in Singapore aimed at reaching conscious consumers who want to fuel their bodies with food that is good for them and good for the world around us. The company is backed by Olam, one of the largest names in sustainable agriculture.

Re- Foods is also carefully studying the impact of its storytelling approach on the website. Stories get consumers invested in the Re- Foods brand and build loyalty. By understand which stories best connect with customers, the company can create more engaging content.

The task

They trust us to create a series of animations that reflect the culture and places where food products came from. From the High Mountains to the cristal clear rivers and Tropical palm trees.

We learned a lot about these places working on this project.

Delivering 6 beautiful animations in a ridiculous timeline.

(we can’t tell how little it was here) ;)

Look around your grocery store and you’ll see food from around the world. The global food system connects consumers with a wide variety of food at lower prices. But modern consumers are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from. Some people want to know that their food is fair trade and grown using sustainable farming practices. Other people look for healthy food that uses all-natural ingredients and minimal processing.
art direction
Seba Imoda, Goga
Laura Bello, Lea Mangado, Natalia Lyskina,
Michelle Malréchauffe, Goga
creative direction
Seba Imoda, Erik Berlin, Matias Lagunas, Gabriel Dalmaso, Barbara Espinoza
music & sound effects
Pedro Gajardo
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